Introverts as UX Designers

Praveen Kumar
3 min readNov 3, 2022

Hello, my name is Praveen and I’m an introvert.

Today I’d like to talk to you about being an introvert, what it’s meant for me as a designer, and how it’s affected my career.

When I decided to start my career in UX, one thing bothered me: as a UX Designer, I’m supposed to interact with new people every day: with clients for requirement gathering and follow-ups; with users/potential users as part of user research; and with my colleagues in different locations.

But I prefer to spend my time alone or with a small group of close family members. Being in a group of unfamiliar people makes me extremely uncomfortable. Nonetheless, I decided to pursue this career because I enjoy designing.

Yes, as a UX Designer, the ability to communicate with others is essential. However, this does not imply that the job is only for extroverts. Introverted people may find it difficult to conduct stakeholder or user interviews.

However, we have different areas such as concept maps, information architecture, user experience writing, interaction design, and high and low-fidelity wireframes. In fact, we may be able to outperform extroverts in these areas.

Interested to know how?

We can empathize with people better

This is the ability to understand a person’s situation from their point of view. Our empathetic nature makes strides in capturing the feelings of those around us. This makes it easier to pick up on what they are feeling when using a product or service and come up with a solution based on the user’s expectations and pain points.

We are excellent observers

We tend to listen and observe more as introverts. Being able to read and be aware of both verbal and nonverbal messages is required for good listening. Good listening results in fewer errors and better project outcomes. This trait also comes in handy when conducting usability tests.

We are excellent communicators

While I consider myself an introvert, that doesn’t mean I sit alone all day with the desire to never interact with another person. We interact with others, but we think before we speak. We don’t talk just to talk, which makes communication more effective. And we’re perfectly fine with silence!

Most of us are good readers or artists

Once a UX Designer, always a student. We must keep up with changes in industry standards and technologies. Introverts like me find happiness when we are alone with a book, canvas, or music. So our design sense and interest in reading are always with us.


Those who want to pursue a career in UX should never be ashamed of their introversion. Introverted characteristics such as good listening, reasoning, thinking before speaking, thorough preparation, reading, researching, and writing are all ideal for UX roles.

So, my fellow introverts, use these slightly uncomfortable situations to strengthen a few skills that an introverted person may lack. Do not resist and remain in your comfort zone. Accept the challenge and look for ways to overcome it. Allow your personality to have no influence on your passion and desire for UX. It’s difficult and exhausting, but it’s also extremely rewarding!